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Yet Another Incredible Kemptville Resident…Pushing for Change and Improvement in a Creative and Artistic Way

Teri Devine

Artist, Don Munz, has been recently celebrated within the Kemptville community as Sarah Freemark of CTV Morning Live paid him a visit to have a live painting lesson on the morning show.

As a native of California, U.S.A., Don has had great success in his painting career in both the US and Canada.  Beginning in graphic design and printing, he began with printing silk-screened, architectural prints in the 1980s for corporate structures and then made the transition to landscapes and abstract works. His landscapes, which are largely inspired by the memories of his childhood home, near San Diego, portray the beauty of natural and untouched spaces.

After moving to Kemptville about 10 years ago, he’s been quite involved in the Downtown Revitalization movement. “I developed an interest in the many older buildings that could still be renovated and brought back to life with minimum expense. These old building have a charm of their own. Their stone and brick facades have weathered so many seasons and have a patina that only age can bestow.” says Munz about Old Town Kemptville.

Artists Rendering Downtown Kemptville after Revitalization Efforts


Using his knowledge of architectural art, Munz developed a series of sketches and renderings to provide a visual representation of what the downtown could be if restored.  He is one of many locals who believed that Kemptville could really be something incredible someday, and he continues to support and promote Old Town Kemptville through his Creative work, his community involvement and his continued belief in maintaining the original character and history while investing and rejuvenating the area for future generations.

Don also led mural projects where he acted as mentor and teacher to local high school students. These beautiful murals depict the rich heritage of the area and can be found on the exterior walls of Old Town Kemptville historical buildings along Prescott and Clothier Streets. 

Don Munz is a remarkable artist, as well as an important individual to have on board for the future development of Kemptville.  His creativity and passion for where he lives shines through and encourages others to believe in what’s already here, and with a little bit of help, what it could very easily become. You can learn more about this talented artist and community ambassador on his website at www.donmunz.com

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