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Understanding the Creative Economy

What is the Creative Economy? While definitions vary greatly, consider the broad definition:

“An economy in which people are paid to think using ideas, innovation, knowledge and collaboration in their work.”

Or in terms that labour economists use to define work:

“An economy in which the nature of work has moved from routine-oriented jobs to creativity-oriented jobs.”

Ultimately, Creative Economy is about the work people do, not the sectors that businesses fit into. In this way, anyone who does “creative” (that is, non-routine work) is part of the creative economy.

‘Creative’ is not restricted to cultural or artisan enterprises; engineers are creative; consultants, designers, writers, scientists; all of these involve creative work. While a factory worker may not be part of the creative economy, the factory manager or trainer most certainly is.

Less important than strictly defining “who is in or out,” is the idea that WE ALL can be more creative in our work, to realize our true potential as fully realized, creative human beings.

Click here to read the report on Canada’s  most creative corner.

The Creative Economy offers unparalleled opportunity for individuals and businesses eager to participate in a lucrative, stimulating and rewarding part of the labour market.  Eastern Ontario has been identified as boasting a particularly dense cluster of Creative Economy businesses and workers.

Ontario East comprises more than 200 communities offering concentrated access to markets, talent and innovative post-secondary institutions. Many businesses seek to relocate in a region that offers employees the quality of life found only in smaller cities and towns, beautiful natural features, sense of community and affordable living.

Ontario East is welcoming to entrepreneurs in the Creative Economy and has actively planned to provide a network throughout the region to support such entrepreneurs. From intra-regional business development and educational events to connections with leading think tanks and thinkers, you will be fully supported in your enterprise by a Creative Economy team committed to the region’s success.

Check out the communities that are actively engaged in Creative Economy development by clicking on the Introducing Creative Communities link, or explore this website to find out more about why Ontario East is “Canada’s Creative Corner”.


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