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Quinn’s of Tweed

Hastings County

While Quinn’s of Tweed is a name that’s been around for many years, it’s recently re-opened under new ownership with a new look and feel. Quinn’s of Tweed is now a fine art gallery on Victoria Street.

New owner Paul Dederer purchased Quinn’s a short time ago and held a grand opening ceremony on Thursday, August 18, for his new art gallery.

As reported by Scott Pettigrew of EMC News, Paul Dederer noted, “We are the fourth owners and we know that if we change the name from Quinn’s we would likely be in trouble with the local folks. It is a beautiful name, people like the sounds of it and the previous owners were happy to pass the name along to us. The building was a high-end department store and a lot of towns had stores similar to this one with everything from horse feed to tuxedos. We are also very lucky to have Darlene Rowney who has worked here at the store for 15 years, she knows the community very well and has been very helpful introducing us to the local people.”

Paul also reported to Pettigrew, “We have been here for seven weeks and the traffic has been good. The local community has been very supportive, people from Madoc, Tweed and Stirling have all come out and we have also found there is very vibrant local arts community. It has been a great ride so far and it is up to us to keep it going.”

When in Tweed, stop by this fabulous gallery that is now being promoted through advertisements on Classical 96 FM and soon as a member of the Arts Route. The gallery is home to historical paintings, some of which are selling for over $10,000.

According to Scott Pettigrew, when Paul was asked if the gallery was interested in artists talking to them about showing work he said, “Absolutely! We would prefer that people send the work by e-mail and then if we want to we will contact them and have them come and show us their work, we actually have two people coming tomorrow. It is not whether the art is good or bad but whether it is good for our gallery.”

During the opening ceremonies, Hastings County Economic Development Manager Andrew Redden stated, “We have established an Arts Route which has only been in operation a couple of months. We are looking forward to making you part of that route when you are ready. On behalf of the county we are pleased to have you part of the new business landscape.”

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