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“Necessity is the mother of invention”

Frontenac CFDC

It all began with Ralph Wirsig’s wife not being able to get in and even greater difficulty in getting out of a kayak without help.  That was the need and as they say, “necessity is the mother of invention”.   

 Ralph is a retired mechanical engineer living 30 km north of Kingston on Buck Lake, in the County of Frontenac. Ralph applied his expertise to solve his wife’s dilemma knowing that it is not uncommon for people to have difficulty getting in and out of kayaks and thus, the KayaArm was invented (patent pending). 

Last summer Ralph demonstrated the device’s principle with a couple of 2x4s, but he had to move the dock up or down whenever the water level changed.  Right way Ralph felt that he had something unique that might be patentable.  Ralph built a prototype with height adjustability, but it was big and bulky and not very practical as it required wrenches to make an adjustment.  This spring he designed and fabricated another prototype.    The designed worked well so Ralph hired a patent lawyer who did a patent search which indicated a unique invention and in June filed a Canadian patent application.   

In this cottage country area between Kingston and Ottawa Ralph recently demonstrated the device to several kayak outfitters.  Typically upon stepping into the kayak for their initial test run the outfitters response is a kind of an “Eureka moment” spontaneously expressed as a “WOW!” or “I like it!—great stability”.  To see Ralph’s invention at work and to learn more about the kayak stabilization device, KayaArm, which makes it easy for kayakers to get in to and out of their kayaks at their docks visit http://www.kayaarm.ca/demovideos.php

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    Frontenac CFDC
    Frontenac CFDC

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