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L&A County building a wine destination

L&A Economic Development

Lennox and Addington County is an untapped area in the wine industry. With so much potential and so much to offer as a wine destination, it’s almost like our best kept secret. L&A is ideal for a wine region due to the prime agricultural conditions. Its rich clay soils with limestone and moderate lakeside temperatures make it a perfect place to make wine. As of right now there are only two wineries in the region, one being Bergeron Estate Winery, a family winery on the shores of Adolphus Reach, specializing in Chardonnay, Gamay Noir, Pinot Noir and Vidal Rieslings. I sat down with David Bergeron of Bergeron Estate Winery to talk about entrepreneurship, wine and L&A County.

David chose L&A as the destination for his winery because of its proximity to Kingston and the tourism route, and because of family history in the area. Due to the unique microclimate soils and the geographical location, he and his family purchased waterfront land on the Loyalist Parkway. “The prime agriculture makes L&A an ideal set up for a wine region,” says David. 

Growing up in farming prepared him with an agricultural background, so a winery was a natural choice. But being the first winery in the region meant paving the way for themselves and those to follow. “We worked very closely with the Napanee government,” he explains. “Being the first winery in the region, we had to learn how to set up regulations for the county to be zoned for a winery. Napanee was very helpful and eager with us. As an entrepreneur you have the ability to research, be self-motivated and move forward to overcome obstacles. In our case, because there was no zoning and no bylaws already in place, we had to take it into our own hands, which meant we were able to learn every aspect of setting up the business, which was another learning process all on its own.”

While the Bergerons are pioneers, David would like to more aspiring vintners follow in his family’s footsteps. “We need more choices of wineries here to turn it into more of a destination zone,” he says. “We only have two right now, but we would definitely welcome more. I hope to be part of that, part of being involved in making L&A known as a wine region”.

Although he Worked other jobs while starting the winery, David is satisfied with the lifestyle he chose. “I enjoy doing things that I want to do instead of being dictated to,” he says. “I play many roles at the winery as a winemaker and a vineyard manager, each being something I chose for myself. I love being in an environment that I chose with a product that I love. You learn many things as an entrepreneur, but the most important are the life skills you develop. It’s self- gratification, creating something from start to finish and building a life from it”.

For more information about the Bergeron Estate Winery or purchasing please visit their website, http://bergeronestatewinery.com.

For more information regarding business opportunities and entrepreneurship in Lennox and Addington County contact Stephen Paul at 613-354-4883,ext. 234 or spaul@lennox-addington.on.ca,  or visit our site http://www.lennoxandaddington.com/

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    L&A Economic Development
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