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High Five for i5 Research

Julie Savard

As a business owner, solving urgent and difficult business problems can be arduous. Knowing there is a company that can tackle these real world problems by providing new information and fresh thinking to move towards a solution certainly would take the guess work out making informed decisions. Allow me to introduce i5 Research, a business to business support company that works to provide research summaries, information scans, and useful insights to its clients. i5 Research analysts are information curators who use specialized search techniques, unique algorithms, and design thinking methodology to find answers to difficult business problems.

Headquartered in downtown Cobourg, i5 Research is led by Dr. Gary Woodill, who has over 40 years of experience in education, business, and the use of information technologies. Gary’s books, Training and Collaboration with Virtual Worlds, and The Mobile Learning Edge (both published by McGraw-Hill), along with over one hundred published articles and research reports, document how new technologies are changing our world, and how businesses can use these technologies for competitive advantage. Along with these accomplishments, he is the featured speaker at the MobilearnAsia2012 Conference in Singapore October 24 and 25.

i5 refers to the five tasks that i5 is dedicated to carrying out:

  • Investigation of emerging technologies
  • Increasing insight into emerging technologies
  • Invention of tools, products and technology related business ideas
  • Innovation of processes and application in the use of new technologies
  • Implementation of intelligence

The five tasks also represent the various stages of the life cycle of any emerging technology, from idea conception to running a thriving technology business.

i5 Research supplies custom business intelligence reports, produces industry specific publications, conducts one or two day strategy planning workshops (both online and in person), mentors and trains client staff, develops technology plans, forecasts the next 5-10 years in an industry, conducts research studies, and guides the implementation and incorporation of new information technologies.

I5 Research, turning information into insight, a true symbol of creativity in the heart of downtown Cobourg and one of many businesses representing our creative economy sector.

i5 Research

3 King Street West, Suite 201

Cobourg, ON K9A 2L8





This blog has been written in collaboration with Dr. Gary Woodill


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