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Enterprise Facilitation is a great thing for L and A entrepreneurs

L&A Economic Development

After a week-long training course outlining the Sirolli Institute’s Enterprise Facilitation™, I’m very excited to say that this new initiative will help Lennox & Addington County’s small businesses and entrepreneurs.

The concept of Enterprise Facilitation™ is quite simple. It’s based on the principle that all businesses – large or small – can be broken down into three general categories:  Product/Service, Marketing, and Financial Management.

It’s been proven that very few – if any – entrepreneur has the time, skill, or passion to be successful in every aspect of their business.  Enterprise Facilitation™ helps entrepreneurs realize that it’s ok ask for help and let other professionals support you with the aspects of your business that you aren’t passionate about.

For example, “Company X” produces an amazing product that has been flying off their shelves after the launch of a variety of creative marketing initiatives.  Everything seems to be going great. The trouble is that they are struggling to pay their bills every month and they don’t know the reason why.  Through Enterprise Facilitation, “Company X” will be introduced to people skilled in financial management to help figure out why this is happening and suggest ways to help.

Tracey Snow is L&A County’s new Enterprise Facilitator.  She, along with an L&A resource board that is equipped with a wide variety of skill-sets and network contacts, will help you fill gaps in your business by finding you the appropriate people that can help your business succeed.  They can provide advice about your product or service, improve the effectiveness of your marketing efforts, or help you find people skilled in financial management that can guide you into the future.

The more people that are involved in our resource board, the better.  Please contact us if you’re interested in learning more about this opportunity.

Tracey is now out our communities meeting with our existing and aspiring entrepreneurs, with the goal of helping them reach their fullest potential.  If you would like to meet with Tracey and learn about how she can assist you and your business, please give her a call at 613-561-6310 or send an email to tsnow@lennox-addington.on.ca.

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    L&A Economic Development
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