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A New Model for Manual Labour-Tree Picking in Kemptville

Teri Devine

The Gentlemen Gardeners is a Kemptville based company which integrates models of passion, helping others and caring for the environment, all while working the fields with their own hands.  The company itself specializes in picking seedlings and providing a cost-efficient solution to high labour demands during harvesting season.  With a crew comprised of experienced tree-pickers from all across Canada, they even have harvesting experts on staff for quality control and management.  Local nurseries can hire the group to harvest both deciduous and coniferous trees, to bundle, bag, and grade and deliver them, as well as hire and train new employees from the community.


Their movement, For Peace and Freedom, is one that shares their passion for what they do for a living and encourages others to make a change for the better.  They believe that a more healthy society could be created if we all simply lived closer to our dreams and did what we love for a living, rather than what we have to or should do for a living.  The happier and healthier we all are individually, the more content and less resistant our society will be as a whole. 

I will end by quoting their mission statement “Encouraging people to live a life they love while raising awareness on how it would help the world.”

To see the Gentlemen Gardeners in action, watch the YouTube video they had created here:


For more information, check out their facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/Gentlemengardeners or their website at http://gentlemengardeners.ca/

The company is located at 6 George Street in Kemptville Ontario and more information can be obtained by e-mailing d.pinefield@gmail.com or calling his at 613-915-5466.

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