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A longer life in Ontario East

Hastings County

Move To The Countryside To Live Longer

I am lucky!  I have the best of both worlds!  What do I mean?  Well I get to live and work in Hastings County, but I am also just 90 minutes away from Toronto.  I get the smaller town lifestyle with the lakes and countryside in my backyard, but I can head into the big city quite easily if I wish.

Take for example this past weekend.  I drove to Toronto from my home here in the County in about 90 minutes to visit friends, saw a hockey game and then went to a live concert later that night.  I stayed over with friends and then was back home by noon on Sunday.  While I can also enjoy local live performances at our Stirling Festival Theatre, the Marble Church Arts Centre in Actinolite or the Village Playhouse in Bancroft, my favourite bands only come to Toronto and I am happy that I live so close to see them, yet still live far enough away.

I essentially live “Rurban”.  What does that mean?  Well as defined by the “Urban Dictionary”, rurban means “a rural or small town dweller who adopts an urban lifestyle”.  I also live a more affordable lifestyle.  According to the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC), a home in Hastings County is an average of $423,000 less than in the City of Toronto.  In other words, I get the small town charm and enjoy “rurban” living while still being in close proximity to the big city if I so choose to visit.

Most importantly, I’m told I’ll live longer in Hastings County.  As reported by a recent study, people in the countryside have better life expectancy than their counterparts in the city.

The message then is live more affordable, live and work in Hastings County and live longer!

Start or expand your business dream in Hastings County.  Contact us!

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    Hastings County
    Hastings County

    Escape the sprawl. Transfer your skills to Hastings County, home to Communities with Opportunities. Immerse yourself in the natural and physical beauty of our landscape complemented by creative and innovative entrepreneurs.

    We're home to artisan cheese factories, furniture makers,
    live theatre, multimedia producers and numerous artists. Our agriculture and natural resources are adapting to a new economy which supports revitalized main streets and high speed Internet access.

    Hastings County is good for business.

    Good for your lifestyle