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45 permanent new jobs!!!

Hastings County

What a great day for Marmora and Hastings County! An estimated 45 permanent new jobs will be created when the historic Marmora mine site is converted into a unique electricity storage facility.

Representatives from Northland Power announced that they are planning to build a 400MW Pumped Storage Facility on the Marmora Mine Site. What does that mean? Well, it involves the generation of electricity by moving water between two reservoirs at different elevations. Water is pumped to the upper reservoir when electricity is cheap and / or abundant and flows through turbines into the lower resevoir as needed during higher electricty demans periods. So lets recall the blackout we had a few years back. When everyone cranks up the air conditioning on a hot day in the afternoon, this new pumped storage facility will kick in to action and provide the needed electricity.

Pumped storage is used around the world in such countries as the United Kingdom, Japan and the U.S. It will now be a reality in Marmora!

How will it benefit Marmora and Hastings County? During construction, the project will produce hundreds of direct and indirect jobs. Once complete, it will provide about 45 permanent high-paying jobs. The project will require local services and products and workers will be purchasing around the local area.

There is also a tourism spin-off. Other pumped storage facilities have become tourist attractions. A facility in Wales attracts 250,000 visitors a year. Marmora’s design is proposed to possibly incorporate a solar farm and wind turbines to show alternate energy sources in a park-like setting. Education programs could also be developed with local colleges and Trent University to provide learning opportunities for students in studies related to tourism, geology and energy as examples. Tours of the facility could also be established for local schools.

For more information about the proponent, visit www.northlandpower.ca

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